Island of Corsica

Germany, Austria, Italy, Corsica, Switzerland and France

This is our 'go-large' tour, taking in the best of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and of course, the spectacular scenery of the Island of Corsica.
The tour is 19 days, and not for those who want a 'cruise', with quite some travel involved. But we do schedule 3x 'Rest or Ride' days to allow you to catch your breath.

Most popular with our 'Repeat Offender' clients, who are back for their 2nd or 3rd, - 7th(?!) tour with Ozalps. Certainly a much easier proposition if you've toured with us before, having gained a bit of experience with motorcycle travel in the European alps on our 'easier' tours. But if you are a regular motorcycle tourer in Oz, and have completed more than 3 weeks of touring riding in your CV, let us know.

From Munich to our 'base camp' - play tourist !

Settle into you accommodation, and explore a beautiful typical Bavarian township. Meet some locals who aren't accustomed to tourists(!), and get to know your fellow tour riders in the Biergarten to wash away some jetlag.

Day 2: (local Bavarian roads)

  • Pick up bikes. 

  • Orientation: 'right side’ riding and introduction to European road rules and etiquette. 

  • Biergarten lunch out on a ride and dinner at a local village.

Options of local rides-

  1. Loop through Peißenberg via Forst (short ride); 
  2. Tourist visit to Bad-Töltz (short-‘ish’ ride);
  3. Kochelsee and Garmish (medium ride);
  4. Combinations of above.

Day 3: First travel day.

  • 3 mountain passes- Brenner, Penserjoch and Passo Mendola
  • South into Austria and through the Inns river valley
  • Up and over our first gold pass Penserjoch (2200m) and down to city of Bolzano for Italian coffee. Climb the race-track like ‘Passo della Mendola’ (1360m).
  • Overnight at a spa and resort to finish off the day.

Day 4: Big travel day

  • A great ride.  Morning of stunning scenery, cruising through the Italian alpine foothills- Strada del Vino (streets of wine) - part of the vast northern vineyards. 
  • Up and over the Passo Madonna di Campiglio, and eventually a spectacular descent to the top of Lago d’ Garda for a photo stop. Climb 1890m on our amazing ‘single-track’ (sealed) 'Passo Croci Dolomini' above the small city at the top of Lago di Garda. Again, riding not seen in our hemisphere- a little sneaky. Plenty of incredible photo opportunities.
  • Series of Italian villages run down onto Lago d’ Iseo for well-earned rest overnight. Pizza and pasta. 

Day 5: To the Mediterranean

Nice start this morning- a cruise along the lake that puts the GOR in it's place of the world's motorcycle roads...

  • Big traveling day- we get a taste of the Val Pandana, the large flat plain that stretches east-west across the north of Italy, all the way from France to Venice. Interesting area, crisscrossed by ancient open canals irrigation and Italian farms.
  • Into the Apennine Mountains in the afternoon- away from the straight roads and heat(?), getting tighter and twistier as we gain height. Great riding, and succession wonderful Italian mountain villages.
  • Down onto the coast and continue along the Cinque Terre for our overnight, and enjoy a welcome dip in the ocean. 

Day 6: Rest or Ride Day

Tourist Options:

  • Enjoy some of the beauty that this beautiful part of the coast has to offer. Well earned rest on a stunning beach a few minutes walk from accommodation.

Riding Options:

  • Head off on the bike in any direction to explore. So much to see, so many great roads right here. 

Day 7: Onto the Island

  • Early start and ride along the Italian Mediterranean for the morning. Windy labyrinths of roads are standard, but the surface can vary and requires rider attention. Again, extraordinary photo opportunities. 
  • Livorno for lunch, and onto the ferry by 2pm.
    With any luck (most often), a spectacular sunset arrival on Corsica at the port town of Bastia for our overnight stay..

Day 8

  • Traverse down the eastern side of Corsica – an introduction to why all the bike manufacturers choose these roads to release their new models to the bike press… Roads, roads, roads, and almost too much choice for which ones to take in.
  • Rugged coastal vistas to end the day into our overnight stay at at Porto Vecchio, an ancient town towards the southern end of the island.

Day 9

  • We ride along the southern coastline, and combine the ride with a mix of mountain runs over to Ajacio, the small city capital of the French Province Corsica.
  • A bit more time today to take in the scenery, as well as plenty of amazing roads, and the unique French-Italian fusion of culture and food.
  • Overnight at Ajacio, the unofficial ‘capital’ of Corsica. French wine and cuisine.

Day 10: 

  • Arguably the highlight of riding Corsica – through the central Parc Naturel Régional de Corse (as much as we want!), and find a random lunch spot.
    Roads that are difficult to describe; ‘Jaw-dropping’ ??. 
  • The whole north-western region has many ride choices. From mountain up and overs, to long coastal cliff runs – seemly endless squiggles on the map to explore. Difficult to say which is the best, they all are very good. Literally riding paradise. 
  • We eventually need to pick a way through to our overnight stop, Calvi- yet another historic port city, with an amazing citadel and plenty to explore.
    Wonderful place to cool off in the Mediterranean on a hot afternoon.

Day 11: Rest or Ride Day

  • Relax and enjoy the ancient town and beach, a rest by now will be well deserved.
  • Or take the bike out without luggage for a picnic and explore.
    Lots of roads and you can even make it to the very top of the island- great roads everywhere.

Day 12

  • Across the top of the island back to Bastia. Possibility of exploring the north-eastern peninsula above Bastia (a loop) if time permits.
  • An evening and overnight on the ferry from Bastia back to the Italian mainland. Yet again, another spectacular sunset over the island as we steam away, and if you’re up early enough, take some shots of the sunrise over the water.

Day 13:

  • Morning the ferry arrives on the Italian mainland, with a sunrise over the water that is worth getting up for as we arrive. Great photo opportunities.
  • Unload the bikes off the ferry, and head for the hills.
  • By lunchtime we are well and truly back in the Alps - many ways to get to our overnight destination, a charming French provincial town - away from the tourist traps for a real cultural experience.
  • Col la Bonette at 2715m (highest in Europe !) is literally a highlight, but there’s also Col d' Lombardo – all part of the famous Route des Grandes Alpes – roads regularly featured in the Tour de France.

Day 14: Rest or Ride Day

  • We are situated in the heart of the French ‘Maritime Alps’ - the riding from here is incredible in all directions.
    We will have developed a taste for these roads on the way there, Day 12.
    Col d`Allos (2250m), Col des Champs (2090m), Col de la Cayolle (2230m), is just naming a few within easy reach.
  • Maps provided and explore as much or as little as you wish- loops that take in at least a couple of the passes is recommended. Returning to our same ‘Digs’ overnight, so bikes are free of luggage.

Day 15: Big travel day

  • In the rhythm by now, and rested.
    Highest mountain pass in Europe on the menu – Col d' VarsCol d’ Iseran (2360m), Col de Galibier (2645m), , or the Col de Madeleine (1995m).
    Full day of incredible mountain roads.

Day 16: Biggest travel day

  • Traverse from France into Italy, and end the day in Switzerland.
  • Up and over the Col du Petit Saint Bernard (2185m) with fresh hot-mix descent on the Italian side, along the Aosta valley before climbing the Grande Saint Bernard (2470m) and descending into French speaking Switzerland.
  • Best of Switzerland? We think so.
    Traverse the historic Sion / Saxon valley and climb up into the Brig valley, and up and over the Furkapaβ (2430m)
  • A long, but satisfying day.

Day 17:

  • A bunch of choices to make our way out of Switzerland and into Austria.
  • Roughly west-east course is called for, all up high, and we can take in the famous Tiefencastell road, and around the Älplihorn and Piz Buin mountain peaks. More of the Swiss high passes, including the Flüelapass (2385m) and the Rieshenpass.
  • Enjoy a final perfectly surfaced run to our overnight in Austrian Tyrolia.

Day 18:

  • Over the 'Rooster Pass' (1895m) south-north, Berwanger Strasse, Plansee (Plan C?) and even the Walchensee – Kochelsee combo a possibility.
  • Finally the no speed limit German Autobahn. Clean the carbon off the top of the motor, + let some adrenaline clear the arteries. Beautiful scenery, albeit a little blurred...
  • Farewell dinner and drinks with your riding team at our base-camp south of Munich.

Day 19:

  • Farewell breakfast, then transport into Munich city, Munich Airport or hire car offices, etc.
    Wherever you need to go.


After the Tour:

  • Extend bike hire (limited availability) to continue on your own. 
  • We recommend flight/ train/ hire-car hops to many other major European cities/ countries. Munich is very central to all.

Pricing for 2024 - AU$9750 Rider (includes standard bike), AU$5250 Pillion 

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