What You Need to Know

How many people are on each tour?

We run a minimum of 4, maximum of 12 bikes + the guide. With potential for 5 or 6 pillions in each tour group, this gives a total of 10 riders, and a maximum of 18 people (+guide).

Are the bikes up to date and current models?

We offer current model BMW demonstrators freshly replaced at the commencement of every tour season. You have the choice of three models included in the standard package, or a further six models for minor additional cost. See Bikes for more information.

Do I/we have to travel with the group?

No. Most days there is a choice of routes; an easy, medium and challenging. The group (and guide) generally takes the medium route, which will take in at least one mountain pass. Each morning we check in with riders and decide on a majority basis which route will be the guided one, taking into consideration aspects such as weather etc. The easiest option usually involves one or more freeway (autobahn/autostrada) style sections, and will see people arriving at the following night's stop well ahead of the rest of the group. The 'go-large' option can take in as many as 8 mountain passes ...

Ultimately the experienced guide will help all to make their final decision on each daily option — and all options are good. So there will be some opportunity to choose your own daily riding companions, routing, and time schedule. The guide is always there if you want to follow that majority chosen route, and not worry about maps and navigation.

How do I know where to go if I want to go alone without the guide/group?

There is a briefing each morning at breakfast to outline the day's suggested routes and any other ride options available. A daily map is provided with the key roads, passes and overnight stay clearly marked.

We can work out who would like to go on which option — e.g. those keen may choose to take on a more challenging option (more mountain passes) on their own. Or if all participants choose to take this option, the guide will obviously head this way too. If some feel they would like to take a more 'tourist route', they may feel comfortable to tackle this on their own given easy navigational instructions, or the guide may accompany them, etc. Flexibility is the key.

Are there shorter or longer tours?

We've found that 12 days is a good balance, considering that it will be a minimum of a fortnight out of Australia , including the flying time. It takes a couple of days for most people to shake any jet-lag cobwebs, get familiar with a different bike (and generally), 1 day to absorb riding on the right-hand side of the road.

For these reasons we recommend sticking with the group for the first 'orientation' day, although there are still options for those ready to leap into big days of riding. If you feel you are just getting into your stride at the end of our tour (and are lucky enough to have not met your time and money restrictions), there are options for extending the bike hire and continuing the adventure on your own. We will have brought you up a few notches in your confidence with the navigation, language and road-craft skills needed for riding / driving in Europe.

Our Island of Corsica tour extends to 19 days, and is by necessity a a fair bit more riding- but we have 3 rest or ride days built into this tour, so it's not be necessity more than 2 weeks of riding...


Island of Corsica Tour

Or maybe you would like to extend your holiday before or after the tour with a non-motorcycling visit to other parts of Europe such as the British Isles , Northern Europe , or Spain etc, etc. Good value car hire will be available back at our base, and the car can be returned anywhere in Germany.

What do I need to bring?

Detailed recommendations / suggestions re. clothing / ride gear is sent to participants on receipt of deposit for tours; generally you will need all your regular riding apparel- helmet, boots, gloves, wet-weather gear etc. and options for both hot and cold conditions. 

The bikes are equipped with one 36 litre top-box, and additional panniers provided for pillion bikes. Generally the combination of panniers and top-box on the pillion bikes is more than room for clothing/ baggage required on the tour. Additional luggage for other travel and not required for the riding (your suitcase) may be stored at our 'home base' until the completion of the tour. 

We also require participants to have a mobile phone with international roaming activated. Even some 'pre-paid' sim cards now have the option of international roaming - check with your service provider. Pricing for use of your Aussie phone in Europe has come down greatly in recent years, a lot easier than it used to be.

Minimum distances average 150km per day, with 350km being the largest minimum distance, and 75km being the shortest. These distances indicate the most direct route to the next overnight stop, and in most cases we will be taking a much less direct option i.e. the curvy (fun) stuff.

Expect to spend about 2 to 4 hours on the bike each day — or up to 8 if you want to. Each of our tours has a minimum of 1x 2 night stop-overs in the same location, where you can either take a day off riding, or pack in as much more as your bum can handle. National parks area of eastern provincial France (Five Countries West), Island of Krk in Croatia/ Cortina in Dolomites (Five Countries East), and both Florence and Cortina (Northern Italy Tour).

Generally, the suggested daily rides are designed to take in the best the roads have to offer and still have time for photos and relaxing. It's fun to mix up big days with shorter ones in a cruise-day then 'go large' pattern.

Do I have to be an experienced rider?

Yes. You need to be able to handle an open-class road bike (smallest are 650cc- see 'bikes') over a variety of road surfaces and in traffic. The European Alps are no place to learn the basics.

You should also consider that we back up 3 days of riding before resting a day, so some understanding/ experience in motorcycle touring is an advantage.

Riding on 'the wrong' side of the road is not as daunting as it sounds — it usually only takes a day or so for your brain to 'switch polarity'. As long as the operation of the bike's major and minor controls is second-nature, attention can be focused on staying on the correct side of the road for the 'orientation' stage.

Who can participate?

Each rider obviously must have a valid Australian (or other internationally recognized) motorcycle license that allows you to ride the bike you choose / is available for you. If taking a passenger, your license obviously must allow you to do so.

Passengers as young as 12 are welcome to join the group, but they need to be ready to spend extended periods on the pillion seat, same for all passengers.

What is the price for a tour, and what is included? (2023 prices, 2024 TBC)

12 day East tours package price for our for 2023 is:
AU$6800 for a rider (includes standard bike- upgrades available at small additional cost).
AU$3600 for pillion (no bike provided).

12 day West tours package price for our for 2023 is:
AU$7200 for a rider (includes standard bike- upgrades available at small additional cost).
AU$3800 for pillion (no bike provided).

19 day Corsica Tour package price for our for 2023 is:
AU$9750 for rider with standard bike.(includes standard bike- upgrades available at small additional cost)
AU$5250 for pillion (no bike provided).

Inclusions: Motorcycle rental, accommodation, Munich city transfers, breakfasts, guide services. 
Basically, meet us in Munich with your ride gear, and the rest is taken care of.
Just ride and enjoy.