Five Countries East

This tour takes in five of the most beautiful countries in Alpine Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

The Adriatic coast is stunningly picturesque - like we imagine the coast of the Mediterranean was 20 years ago, before it became, ah, 'well developed'.

Details of the tour are below and pricing at very bottom. 

Day 1 - Transport from Munich to Base Camp - tourist day

Settle into Weilheim accommodation. Meet your fellow tour riders in the Biergarten and wash away some jetlag.

Day 2 (local roads)

  • Pick up bikes. 

  • Orientation: 'right side’ riding and introduction to European road rules and etiquette. 

  • Biergarten lunch out on a ride and dinner at a local village.

Options of local rides-

  1. Loop through Peißenberg via Forst (short ride); 
  2. Tourist visit to Bad-Töltz (short-‘ish’ ride);
  3. Kochelsee and Garmish (medium ride);
  4. Combinations of above.

Day 3 First travel day.

  • Country Bavarian roads towards Bad-Toltz, followed by our first taste of German Autobahns to get you up to speed… literally. 
  • Deutsch Alpenstrasse with some magic flowing sections along the Austria/ German border leading into first overnight stop in Berchtesgaden
  • Tourist Option: See the secret entrance to Hitler’s holiday house (‘berghof’) above Berchtesgaden. Amazing views of Salzburg and the German Alps from  Rossfeldringstrasse, or explore the Konigssee.
  • Extra riding - Rossfeldringstrasse is not just famous for its views.

Day 4

  • Big travel today equals an early start, heading south into Austria. 
  • Up the valley to the bottom of the biggest pass of the trip - the Grossglockner. (2500m) – Highest in all Austria and among the 10 highest in all Europe. This toll road is in fantastic condition, with constant sweeping corners. At the top  a run up the one way road to the Edelweiss spitz. 9 cobblestone hairpins moderate things, but the view at 2600m while we have lunch is breathtaking. Plenty of incredible photo opportunities. \
  • Over the Iselberg pass (1000m) –A short up and over to the major southern Austrian town of Lienz.
  • We detour west towards the amazing Kartische Sattle (1400m). It’s not about the height here. Over 50km long, this road has everything. Perfect surface on the climb. We’ll find brand new sections so tight that it beggars belief. Weave in-between towns on the older sections of road as you follow the ridge, before dropping into our overnight stay. 

Day 5

Nice start this morning- within 2 minutes of leaving, we will be on a pass! And it’s a good one.

  • Gailburg Sattle (1100m) continues to show us that passes don’t always need to be high to be fun. Perfect surface, and a decent better than the climb, you will be hard  pressed to find a better road anywhere. At least for 20km anyway! Doubling back over the same mountain range we find an even better road. 
  • Kruezburg Sattle (1100m) flows so perfectly the first time we found this road… we did it 3 times over. Again the decent is not so steep and perfect surface means you can  really enjoy it. Nothing in Australia can compare to these 2 low passes back to back.
  • Over Wurzen pass (1500m) into Slovenia. Reminds us that some older roads in Slovenia can be a little challenging!
  • Along the side of the tourist destination of Lake Bled. Plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Onto our final destination on the even better (and far more untouched) Lake at Bohinjo Jerzo.
  • Tourist options: Swim in the freshwater lake, canoeing, Rock Climbing. Take a cable car to the top of nearby mountains for the best views, or see the Savacia Waterfall. Dinner overlooking the spectacular lake. You will be glad we aim to be here just after lunch. Stunning. 

Day 6

  • Another big traveling day- Tricky, tight Slovenian roads over the mountains towards Tolmin. Welcome to country Slovenia, quite a contrast from modern Germany and  Austria.
  • Onto one of the jewels of the trip. Many of the major roads in Slovenia have recently been upgraded, so enjoy the wonderful surface as we follow the river towards  Postojna. Its 60km of heaven. 
  • Cross the boarder into Croatia and immediately we travel through small country towns. Some challenging, tight roads, yet in-between we find the second amazing ‘non pass’ road of the trip. Bordered by orange guard rail, you will swear we just stumbled on a race track. “Its not a race track…, It’s better than that!”
  • Into the heat of the Adriatic, dropping down the hills and crossing the bridge to our final destination on ‘Otto Krk’.

Day 7: Rest Day

Tourist options: 

  • Explore the island. Its 35km across, so you can take all day. Cable water-ski park, hire a boat or jet ski if you prefer. 
  • Visit the wonderful secluded beaches of Stara Baska. Explore the historic port town of Krk, or join the crowds at the main beach at Baska. This is why we suggest bringing swimmers- you may not want to leave the water. And it’s beautiful enough to just drive your camera, and leave the bike alone.

Day 8

  • Travel day – Freeway through the edge of Rijekra and north to the boarder. Then through more Slovenian upgraded roads towards Postojna. Back onto freeway to the edge of Italy and Nova Gorcia
  • Finishing the travel day with a run along the brilliant Soca River. As learnt days earlier, these upgraded Slovenian roads (that have little traffic) are fantastic. A great way to finish the day and bring us into the ski town of Bovec. 
  • Tourist option: Caves at Postojna (time dependant) 
  • Extra riding: Soca river got you in the mood? We follow it up Vrsic pass (1900m). Rated amongst the best passes in Europe, Vrsic has cobblestone hairpins on the other side. From Bovec however, the ascent is very special.

Day 9

  • Big day. Straight into passes, as we head for Passo Predil (1500m). Detour near the top for the Mangrt rd for views and photo opportunities you won’t believe. Stand on top of the world in the highest point for miles.
  • You know you have entered Italy when you start hitting tunnels that have hairpins in them! Welcome to Passo Sella Nevea (1500m).
  • Italian coffee, then more Italian country roads to Ampezzo and Pizza or Pasta for lunch
  • Passo Di Muira (1800m) is Italy’s answer to the earlier Kartisch Sattle in Austria. Great surface and 45km of fun that just gets better and better. The decent from Forni di sopra yet another amazing road.
  • Through Aruzona Di Cadore and climbing to Misurina before the drop down Passo Tre Croci (1800m). Beer awaits us at the bottom in Cortina.
  • Extra riding options: for the obsessed, detour from Tolmezzo to Paulina, Paluzza and Comeglians. 3 back to back passes. Add 1.5 hours and plenty of smiles.

Day 10: Rest or Ride

  • Cortina is situated in the very heart of the Italian Dolomites- the riding from here is unbelievable in all directions. Passo Fedaia (2060m), Pelligrino(1920m), Pordoi (1745m), and Sellajoch (2240m) is literally just naming a few. 
  • Maps provided and explore as much or as little as you wish- loops that take in a few of the passes are recommended. Return to the same ‘Digs’ overnight, so bikes are free of luggage. 
  • 2nd overnight in Cortina

Day 11

  • The only way out of Cortina is over a pass! So is up Falzerago (2111m) and then Valpaoria (2100m) for a morning wake up!
  • Take the not often used Wurz Joch (2100m). Fantastic, long run towards the Brenner Autostrata. Had enough of the passes yet? 
  • There are 3 choices to our destination in Innsbruck….
    • Easy – Autostrata straight into Innsbruck, and enjoy a relaxing tourist afternoon in this Austrian city. 
    • Medium – Autostrada to Sterzing and then pick up the Brenner Pass (862m). In the shadows of the Autostrata, this low pass is Europe’s’ equivalent of the ‘old pacific highway’
    • Up-size me – Autostrata to Sterzing, then ride non stop! Jaufen pass (1900m), followed by the mega Timmels Joch (2500m) and then the secret Kuhtai rd (2000m). Arrive late into Innsbruck for our last night!

Day 12

  • Short up-and-over back to Germany, then the no speed limit German Autobahn. Clean the carbon off the top of the motor, + let some adrenaline clear the arteries. Beautiful scenery, albeit a little blurred.
  • No-autobahn alternatives if you’d rather yet another ‘Romantische Straße’. The Walchensee-Kochelsee combo is Germany’s favorite biker road, which we might squeeze into the day.  
  • Return the bikes, and overnight in Weilheim.

Day 13:

  • Transport into Munich city, Munich Airport or hire car offices, etc.


After the Tour:

  • Extend bike hire (limited availability) to continue on your own. 
  • We recommend flight/ train/ hire-car hops to many other major European cities/ countries. Munich is very central to all.

Pricing:  AU$6900 for rider (includes standard bike); $3800 for pillion (2023 prices, 2024 TBC)

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