Five Countries Tour

I'm frustrated with regular runs out of Sydney, Macquarie Pass is over in minutes (sounds like my sex life), Putty Road's getting like a big yawn, I jumped at the chance when the kitchen fairy said OK to a couple of the lads and me "tear-arsen" through the best bike playground on the planet.

Cliff wasn't lying when he said on the first day, "You aint seen nothin yet", and I doubt I will ever again see and experience the joys of alpine and autobahn touring like that.

What an experience, I'm fifty but I felt twenty-five again (her name was Helga). Seriously, what an incredible time, the sights, tastes, sounds, road conditions, accommodations, the whole package. 

Well done Cliff, me and my troupe had a sensational trip. You're not such a bad bloke either, I'm still passing some of those jokes off as my own.