2020 Tours

Tour 1: Italian MotoGP Tour - 16 days
May 22 to June 5  OR  May 29 to June 13
German and Austrian Alps, Northern Italy.
Includes Pisa, Florence, Venice and attending the Mugello MotoGP races. 

For more info see; http://www.ozalps.com/n/tours/northern-italy-tour
Dates will depend on the race dates of 2020 FIM MotoGP Calendar, released in late 2019, but don't hesitate to grab your spot on this most popular tour now!

Tour 2: Island of Corsica Tour -  19 days
June 15 to July (Provisional Dates) 
Germany, Austria, Italy, Corsica, Switzerland and France.|
The big one - down from Munich to the coast of the Mediterranean, 5 days on Corsica (and so many roads!). Return via the best of the Grey Alps of France (Tour de France) and heart of Switzerland's passes. Throw in the best of Italy and Austria ...

For more information on this tour, see Island of Corsica Tour page.

Tour 3: Five Countries West Tour - 12 days
July 3 to July 14 (Provisional Dates)
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy
Classic Alpine countries of the European Alps, including Mt Blanc and provincial France.

For more information on this tour, see Five Countries West page.

Tour 4: Five Countries East  - 12 days
July 16 to July 27 (Provisional Dates)
Eastern Alps: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy.
Adriatic Coast and Island of Kirk, Italian Dolomites.

For more information on this tour, see Five Countries East page.