Welcome to the Alps

Germany, Austria, Italy.
If 12 or 16 days of travelling on bikes seems a bit too long, or you can't get that sort of time away from other commitments - or simply doesn't fit in with your other travel plans - this 8 day tour could be the answer.

Five Countries West

12 nights, with 11 days of riding. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. Beautiful scenery and unbelievable riding - from tight little single-lane traffic-less climbs into alpine meadows, to racetrack-smooth perfect curves.

Five Countries East

This tour takes in five of the most beautiful countries in Alpine Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Island of Corsica Tour


This is our 'go-large' tour, taking in the best of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and of course, the spectacular scenery of the Island of Corsica.