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Note: if you would like to enquire about a tour, please use our contact form here.

Deposit and Payment

$600 deposit is required to secure each booking, rider or pillion. 
Full payment of tour price is required a minimum of 90 days prior to commencement of the tour booked.
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Full name (as on passport)
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Drivers Licence Number
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2018 Tours
16 day Italian MotoGP Tour - May 25 to June 9
12 day Five Countries West - June 11 to June 23
16 day Island of Corsica - June 25 to July 10
12 day Five Countries West - June 25 to July 7
12 day Five Countries East - July 12 to July 24
8 day Welcome to the Alps - July 25 to Aug 2
If passenger, with who?
Your Riding Experience
Years that motorcycle license has been held
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Agreement with terms
By ticking this option, I declare information I have supplied on this form to be true and correct. I also declare that: * I understand that travel / personal injury / illness insurance is not included. * Travel/ personal injury/ illness insurance cover is not included nor implied. *** Ozalps recommends the independent purchase of appropriate travel insurance *** * Comprehensive insurance is provided only for damage, loss and theft of the hire motorcycle. Third party (property and injury) insurance is also inclusive. * 2500 euro security deposit is required in Germany for the hire motorcycle, refunded upon its safe, undamaged return. (This will be held in the form of credit-card authority or cash). * 2500 euro insurance excess applies to any ‘rider at fault’ damage. * If under 18 years, please contact Ozalps for alternative application form.